Bringing the Outdoors Inside a Basement Space

When Ezia Athletic Club reached out to us with a design challenge to “bring the outdoors inside”, we happily accepted. The challenge was how to make the space feel lighter and brighter due to the lack of natural light within the gym, so we took to the walls to help us give the illusion of the outdoors by adding green to them.

We installed over 200 artificial greenery mats from AFloral on both sides of the large mirrors on a main wall of the gym, so when you round the corner as you enter the gym, you’re greeted with a vibrant green wall, covered from top to bottom.

From the ceilings we strategically hung strands of macrame that hold ceramic planters. We incorporated a variety of grasses, artificial maidenhair, weeping willow and hanging leaf vine in the planters to keep the greens cohesive throughout the space.

This project was a lot of fun for us because we usually work with flowers. To use only various types of greens and have it produce an equally aesthetically pleasing result, was a win-win, for us and for the club!