Loving Where You Live

Hey guys! Michaela here, H&Co’s 2019 summer marketing / social media intern. A question I frequently get asked after telling someone I’m a Nantucket local is, “what is it like growing up on Nantucket?” commonly followed by, “do you ever get used to it?”. For some, I’m sure they are referencing the struggle of having to take a ferry or plane to get anywhere, or the extreme opposite lifestyles the winter and summer bring. What I think they are truly asking is, “do you ever get accustomed to the beauty of the island and how lucky you are to live here? My answer to their initial question is something along the lines of. “it was hard and isolating at times, but I strongly believe Nantucket is like no other place in the world.”

I’m so lucky to say that even after twenty-three years, I do not take this island for granted. Every trip to the beach is just as special as the last and seeing the first daffodils pop up in April never fails to get me excited for the upcoming spring and summer. 

The best example I have of something I will never get used to is the ‘Sconset Bluff Walk. It’s my favorite spot to take summer visitors to watch them be amazed by the panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, but also my preferred path to take my dog for a jog in the off-season. With the summer months come perfectly manicured lawns spotted with hydrangeas, American flags hoisted high above the ocean, and tons of other visitors to greet (not to mention the houses are actually occupied by the owners). To me, a trip to the Bluff on a hot July day really represents what Nantucket looks like to a visitor, with ocean views in one direction and multi-million dollar grey homes with white shingles to the other. 

The winter brings freezing cold winds, temporarily abandoned houses, and more often than not, complete solitude. The ocean will never be anything less than stunning, but the rosa rugosa covering the bluff has gone away for the winter, and the bright green grasses of summer have been replaced by the grey and browns of a New England winter. This may sound a little sad when compared to its blooming summer counterpart, but it is special in its own perfect way.

Learning to love where you live doesn’t always come naturally, especially on an island like Nantucket that is unique is so many ways, but when I take a quick trip out to ‘Sconset, I can’t help but feel like a tourist, no matter how many times I return.