Real Queens Fix Each Other Crowns

I recently spent the week in Greensboro, North Carolina designing flowers for The School of Styling. In January, I attended TSOS as a student and it was such a treat to attend six months later in a different capacity and still leave with an equally rewarding experience.

Founder of TSOS, Kaitlin Holland saw a need for a training environment that served the creative entrepreneur as a whole. So, she created The School of Styling to provide creative women, no matter their field or profession, with the education and inspiration they need to create beautiful work, events, and spaces.

This week, 20+ women who all have the same goal- to learn, make things beautiful and meet other like minded individuals, came together for three days of cultivating and fostering new friendships, all while gaining actionable items to grow their businesses, no matter what stage of growth they are in. AWESOME SAUCE.

On the final evening of the workshop, TSOS hosts a beautiful dinner and Hafsa & Co. designed flower crowns for each of the attendees. The pictures of everyone finding their crowns in excitement and helping each other put them on are some of my favorite images of the week. On the plane back to Boston, I couldn’t help but think about how much my business has grown because of other women who have continuously fixed my crown. Kaitlin Holland is one of those Queens. It got me thinking; what would happen to the world of female entrepreneurship if we served one another more frequently? “Real queens fix each other crowns”, Eternally Elle writes an incredible article on the subject, “REAL QUEENS FIX EACH OTHER’S CROWNS: HOW TO BE A REAL QUEEN!” that you must read. She does a much better job than me of putting this quote into words.

Everyone wants to be the best at what they do, myself included. Some days I’ll be scrolling through Instagram and feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of talent and skill out there. How could I possibly measure up? The greatest lesson this negative statement continues to teach me is that comparison to someone else’s success is death and depletes me of my valuable time and resources which are best spent elsewhere... on the things that truly matter. Empowered women, empower women… this week was a true testament of that and I never want to forget it.